Saturday, October 1, 2011

Great Math Book - G is for Googol

This is a really cool math book, mostly for students in grades 3 - 8, but I think adults will also enjoy reading it with kids.

The book teaches and entertains. The author, David M. Schwartz, is very witty and funny and the drawings and cartoons by the illustrator, Marissa Moss, are humorous and fun.

The book has lots of mathematical terms, concepts, and illustrations and is set up in alphabetical order. I would suggest picking one or two letters per day to read about with students. Each letter will lend itself to interesting discussions with your students.

The table of contents is great for choosing a topic to read and learn about. If you are looking for a GEOMETRY TOPIC I would choose any of the following:

  • D is for Diamond
  • E is for Equilateral
  • O is for Obtuse
  • R is for Rhombicosidodecahedron
  • S is for Symmetry
  • T is for Tessellate
  • W is for "When are we ever gonna use this stuff anyway?"

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