Monday, October 24, 2011

Geometry - What is a Cylinder?

A CYLINDER is a 3D shape. It is also called a geometric solid or solid figure.

Features: A Cylinder has 2 congruent circular parallel bases connected by a curved surface.

Suggested Activities
  • Read books about cylinders and other 3D Shapes. 

  • Have students observe a cylinder(s) manipulative(s) or picture(s) of a cylinder(s).  Discuss its properties. Have students describe the features of a cylinder.

  • Have students look around the home or classroom for examples of cylinders. How many can they find?

Hockey Puck

  • Have students look for pictures of cylinder shapes in books, magazines, catalogs. Have students create a poster, book, or slide show about cylinders.
  • Have students create cylinders. Use clay or other arts and crafts materials.
  • Have students use NETS (2D representations of 3D shapes) to make cylinder shapes.
           Click here to get a NET of a cylinder.

NET of a Cylinder

Have fun with geometry!


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