Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Summer Time - Fun Paper Plate Clocks

Summer Time - Fun Paper Plate Clocks

Seashell Paper Plate Clock

At this time of year the children are having lots of fun but it's important to continue reviewing previous learning to prevent "summer brain drain" so that children will not forget what they have already learned.

A fun paper plate Summer Clock can be made with the kids then used to review Telling Time.

You can make lots of clocks with a simple paper plate. Use a white paper plate and paint it a fun color, or use any of the fun colors found at dollar stores (usually 20 plates for $1.00), or a seasonal decorated paper plate found at supermarkets, craft stores, etc.

Supplies Needed
  • paper plates
  • a thin marker to write the numbers on the plate or on cute stickers
  • heavy paper or thin foam to make the clock hands
  • scissors
  • paper fastener (1 per plate)
  • construction paper or stickers (optional)
  • paint + paint brush, markers, crayons (optional)
  • glue (optional)
Fun Summer Stickers

For the above clock, the clock hands are made from foam sheets purchased at a Dollar store. The seashell foam stickers were purchased at a craft store with a discount coupon! A package of paper fasteners was purchased at the local grocery store which has a great school supply aisle .

Check out the local dollar or craft store to see what is available and maybe on sale! Lots of their summer items are on sale now as they get ready for fall and back to school supplies.

To get more clock ideas click on the link below:


Have fun in Summer Time reviewing learnings about Time!


Saturday, July 20, 2013

Free Animal Alphabet Coloring Sheets

Are your little ones getting bored this summer? Has it been too hot to go outside? Do you need some fun coloring sheets for the kids? If you answered yes.....here are some free, fun Animal Alphabet Coloring Sheets.

Letter D

Letter F

Just click on either picture above to go to my website. You will be able to download LOTS of fun animal coloring pages for the kids.



Friday, July 5, 2013

W!N Fun Prizes at Serenity You

Natasha at Serenity You is celebrating two years of blogging! She is having a fun GIVEAWAY.

Serenity You Giveaway

Natasha has 6 prizes for 6 winners!

One of the prizes is that you would win $12 of materials from my Teachers pay Teachers (TpT) Store. You could pick out any products that you want.

To check out my store, just click on the link below.

 TpT Store

To go to Natasha's blog and enter the giveaway, just click on the top picture.

Have fun!


Thursday, July 4, 2013

Fun Ideas to Help Prevent Summer Slide!

OH! that awful Summer Slide!!!! ....the time when kids lose approximately two months of grade-level learning during the summer because of the time off from school!

Here are some easy fun ideas to help prevent Summer Slide!

Visit an Aquarium to help prevent Summer Slide

    Use the school's summer reading list or go to the library. If possible let the children choose their  own books. Libraries usually have lots of summer reading programs for kids including story time. After reading some fun books make a craft that goes along with the story. Make some fun bookmarks too. Read street signs.

     Have children keep a Summer Journal. Write letters to friends. Make cards to send to relatives. Send postcards. Make shopping lists.

3. Informal Math
    At the grocery store talk about prices and how many items come in a package.
    In the kitchen read directions, measure, and talk about time.

    Lots of board games or commercial games are also educational. Try Apples to Apples, Scrabble, Monopoly, Clue, Boogle, Battleship.

5. Visit Museums

6. Visit Zoos

7. Visit Aquariums

8. Plant a small Garden Outdoors or Indoors using your window sill.

9. Use Technology
     Look for great interactive books plus reading and math games on an iPad or other electronic device.

10 Go on a Nature Walk
          Bring a camera and journal to record observations.

11. Watch Fun (Science) Educational Videos
        On rainy days watch Bill Nye or The Magic School Bus videos and make popcorn.

12. Make fun crafts with the kids.

Make a Wind Sock - a Weather Tool

Measure ingredients in the kitchen


Please share your ideas. I would LOVE to add to this list!

Happy Summer!



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