Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Free Fun 2D Bunny Shapes

At this time last year, I posted that I had just placed a new freebie in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store!
Free Bunny Shapes Matching Cards

This product is still in my store and still FREE! If you missed it last year, then stop by my store to get your FREE copy today.  I have the cards in color and grayscale! Choose the set you prefer.

Click on the link below.

The kids can use the cards in a matching game, as a memory game, or as a concentration game.

They will learn about circles, squares, triangles, rectangles, and hexagons.

Follow-up with a walk through the neighborhood with the kids looking for the different shapes! Have fun!

Happy Spring!

Happy Easter!


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Inexpensive Heart-Shaped Bunny Craft Project

Happy almost Easter!

Here's an inexpensive but really cute little bunny that you can make with the kids with just a little more than a piece of construction paper.

  • construction paper (any color for the body)
  • heart shaped template (for tracing) and a pencil
  • scissors
  • crayons or magic markers
  • glue

Start by choosing a heart shape. It can be any size. I use cookie cutters or the small wooden templates from the dollar store or craft store. Often the wooden templates are 6 for $1.00.

Cut out 5 heart shapes all the same size. Also draw and cut out 2 small red circles and 3 small black strips (very thin rectangles) for the nose, mouth, and whiskers. An easier method is to draw the nose, mouth, and whiskers with crayons or markers at the end of this craft.

Optional: Choose 1 of the 5 heart shapes and trim it to make it a little smaller. (It will be the arms.)

Now take the smaller heart shape and 2 others and cut them in half .(See picture below.) These will be the arms, legs, and big bunny ears!

Glue all the pieces together as in the picture at the top of this blog post on another piece of construction paper!

Draw 2 eyes with a crayon or marker. Students could also outline or decorate the bunny.

Make more bunnies in different colors!  Older children can write a story about their bunny!

Have Fun and Happy Easter!


Sunday, April 13, 2014

Huge Giveaway of Teaching Resources at Teacher Tam's Blog

Spring weather is finally here!!!!!

Tammy at Teacher Tam's Educational Adventure Blog is having a mega huge GIVEAWAY with LOTS and LOTS of Teaching Resources for Grades PreK - Grade 3.

The GIVEAWAY will run until April 17th!

Since Spring is finally here, I am donating my Spring Cupcakes Compound Words Match-Up from my Teachers Pay Teachers Shop.
Spring Cupcakes Compound Words Match-Up Activity for Grades 1-3

My product is located with the products for Grades 1 and 2 in the giveaway.

Please visit Tammy's website by clicking on the top picture. I hope you win some of the great products she is giving away!

Happy Spring!!!


Monday, March 24, 2014

W!N Spanish Teaching Resources at Kinder Bilingue

Juliana at Kinder Bilingue is having an awesome GIVEAWAY of  SPANISH Teaching Resources.

Spanish Teaching Resources

Juliana's Giveaway starts on March 24 and ends on March 30!

My donation to Juliana's Giveaway is my Spanish Cardinal Direction Posters (North, South, East, West). Originally these posters were only in English but one of my lovely customers at my TpT store requested that I also make them in Spanish.  The set she wanted was the one with the Jungle-Zebra Theme which seems to be very popular in a lot of elementary classrooms. I also now have the Cardinal Directions in Spanish in several different colors with a polka dot border.

You can participate in Juliana's Giveaway right here!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

You can also visit Juliana's Facebook page to learn more about Kinder Bilingue and the giveaway! :)

Kinder Bilingue on Facebook

Best of Luck!

Friday, March 21, 2014

W!N Great Teaching Resources at More Than Math by Mo


Now if only someone would tell our wonderful meteorologists that we are suppose to be having spring weather!!!!!!

While we wait for better weather, here's a wonderful giveaway from Monique at More Than Math by Mo.
The Giveaway starts today and only lasts for 3 days, so head over now to Monique's blog to enter! She has over 35 teaching resources that you can win to help you in your classroom or homeschool.
You can tell that I am ready for spring because I donated my Spring Cupcakes Compound Words Matching Activity to Monique's giveaway.

Spring Cupcakes Compound Words Matching Activity

Just click on the above picture to see my product and click on the top picture to go to Monique's blog!
Best of Luck and Happy Spring!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Have Fun on Pi Day - March 14

Pi Day (March 14 - 3/14) is a fun day devoted to the celebration of the circle and its circumference divided by its diameter!

It is a day to have lots of math fun. With very young children it's a day to concentrate on circles (drawing, coloring, comparing, measuring, etc.).

You could make fun shape people with the kids on PI DAY! Start with the circle! Click on the picture below to get directions for this shape person made with construction paper.
Circle Shape Person

With older children, have fun with measuring the circumference of all different sizes of circles or cylinders (use string or yarn) and then measuring the diameter of these same circles. For each circle divide its circumference by its diameter and you should get a number very close to Pi (3.14). For children not able to divide yet, use calculators!

Follow up with a fun pie treat if possible!

Want more ideas?
Just click on the link below for more fun Pi Day activities!

Have fun on Pi Day!

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