Sunday, October 17, 2021

9 Free Pumpkin and Apple Worksheets for Primary Students

 About half of the leaves here in New England have changed colors and folks are taking trips to the orchards for apple picking and pumpkin gathering!

Here are 9 free pumpkin and apple theme math, literacy, and science worksheets for your kids in Grades K - 2.


All of the worksheets review a skill and each has some fun coloring for the kids.

All 9 of the worksheets are FREE and can be downloaded from my website

                                    Consonants and Vowels

                                              Pumpkin Color Words

                                      Pumpkins Odd & Even Numbers

                                                Numbers 1-120 Chart

Nouns and Verbs

Apple Diagram

I have lots of other pumpkin and apple resources in my TpT store. The apple diagram comes from a larger resource (Apples Science and Literacy). Check it out if you need some science and literacy resources to use with your students this fall. Click below for the apple resource or pumpkin resource.

Wishing you a safe and healthy autumn / fall.

Monday, August 30, 2021

5 Back to School Worksheets for Elementary School

Are you ready for BACK TO SCHOOL?

Do you need a few resources with a BACK to SCHOOL Theme?

The following FREE worksheets have a school bus theme to help you start the new school year. They are all located at my website (Learning Workroom). Click Back to School Worksheets to get your free copies.

Counting Numbers 1-5

Color Words

Counting 1-120



I hope these free worksheets will be helpful for you as you start a new school year with your students!

If you need some new Back to School resources for this year, Teachers Pay Teachers is having their BIG Site-Wide Back to School Sale on Tuesday and Wednesday, August 31 and September 1

USE the Code BTSBONUS21 

Click HERE to go to my TPT store. All of my teaching resources will be on sale!

Sunday, April 18, 2021

Earth Day Science, Literacy, & Math Resources for Kids

 This year Earth Day will be celebrated on Thursday April 22. 

Free Earth Day Coloring Printable for Kids

I have a free coloring worksheet for you to use with your young students. Students can color the recycle bins. Click HERE to go to my website to get your free copy! :)

There are also thousands of great ideas on the internet to help you and your students have a fun day!

 Here are a few more!

Earth Day Free Printable Craft! Directions are here on my blog. Click HERE for directions.

Click HERE to get the FREE PRINTABLE.

Free Earth Day Coloring or Craft
Free Earth Day Coloring Activity or Craft Activity

A wonderful Earth Day Math and Literacy Book for Kids in grades 2-4 by Stuart J Murphy

Earth Day Book

Earth Day Counting Puzzles at my TPT shop for preschool and kindergarten. (Numbers 1-20) Click HERE to go to my shop.

Earth Day Puzzles for preschool and kindergarten

Earth Day Counting Puzzles at my TPT shop for kindergarten and 1st grade. (Numbers 1-120) Click HERE to go to my shop.

Earth Day Puzzles for  kindergarten and first grade

Earth Day Coloring Matching Digital Game

Earth Day Color Matching Digital Game at my Boom Learning Store for Pre-school and Kindergarten. Click here.

Earth Theme Alphabet Matching Digital Game with Animation

Earth Theme Alphabet Matching Digital Game with animation also at my Boom Learning Store for Kindergarten. Click here.

Earth Theme Alphabet Matching Bundle (3 resources) (No animation)

Earth Theme Alphabet Matching Bundle (3 resources) also at my Boom Store for Preschool and Kindergarten. Click here.

Have fun on Earth Day!

Friday, March 26, 2021

Fun Easter Activities for Kids

 The weather is warmer and Easter is almost here! 

Here are some fun Easter activities for kids that include eggs and bunnies.

Do you have lots of plastic eggs from previous years? These are great to use to make fun math and literacy activities for kids. All you need is some inexpensive plastic eggs and a permanent sharpie marker. 

Easter Egg Fun

For very young children you can make matching games with the eggs. Write the same letter or number on both halves of the plastic eggs and have students match them. You can also draw and use shapes!

Older students can play a fun addition facts or multiplication facts game with the plastic eggs. On one half of the egg write 2 numbers (addends) and on the other half of the egg write the answer (sum). For multiplication, write the 2 numbers (factors) on one half of the egg and write the answer (product) on the other half.

Easter Addition Game for Kids

Sums of 10 (also called Friends of Ten) is another fun addition game. Students match up 2 numbers (addends) that equal ten.

Sums of 10 Math Game for Kids

I'm sure that you and your students can think of lots of other fun games to play with the plastic eggs. The older kids can even help make the games.

Here's a free Easter coloring page, click HERE to go to my website to download your free copy.

Here's a fun Easter Bunny Shapes resource to use with your students. It has posters, matching cards, etc. to help with teaching 2D Shapes.
2D Shape Matching Cards
2D Shape Mini-Posters

You can download this free resource at my TpT store. Just click HERE.

If you don't have an account yet at TpT, it only takes a few minutes to open one plus it's FREE to open a buyer's account.

Happy Spring and Easter!

Saturday, March 6, 2021

Free Rainbow Beginning Sounds Game Printable for Kindergarten

 As the weather gets warmer and warmer here in New England our snow on the ground is melting quickly! It's almost time to put away our winter snow boots and take out the spring rain boots! Kids love playing in the puddles and hopefully they will also get to see some rainbows this spring! 

I hope spring comes early!

Beginning Sounds Game

I created a fun rainbow beginning sounds game for kids that you can print out for home or school. I made one with uppercase letters and another one with lowercase letters. Both FREE versions are over at my website. Just click HERE to go there to get your copies. The kids could use dice (1 die) or a spinner to play the rainbow theme game and practice beginning letter sounds. 

The letters for kids to practice with for this game are f, g, h, i, j, n, o, q, u, v, w, and x.

Rainbow Beginning Sounds Game - Uppercase Letters

Rainbow Beginning Sounds Game - Lowercase Letters

Previously, I posted a snowman game with the other letters of the alphabet  (a,b,c,d,e,k,l,m,p,r,s,t, and x). Find that post HERE.

I hope both games help your students improve their phonics and reading skills. 

Happy teaching and enjoy the warmer weather with the kids! :)

If you need more spring teaching ideas and resources, please visit my Spring Pinterest Board HERE.

Spring Teaching Ideas Pinterest Board

Monday, February 8, 2021

TpT Site-Wide Sale Feb. 9 - 10

 TPT is putting on their site-wide February sale tomorrow (Tuesday) and Wednesday.

​Everything in my TPT store including BUNDLES will automatically be 20% off but you can take an additional 5% off by using the coupon code FEBSALE21 at checkout.

Here's the link -

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Stay warm & safe!

Sunday, January 31, 2021

Free Winter and Valentine's Day Worksheets For Kids

 Here in New England the meteorologists are predicting lots and lots of snow starting tomorrow!

Could you use some quick and easy to print worksheets for your kids in grades 1-3? Here are some fun activities with a Winter or Valentine's Day theme.

These worksheets are great for review and reinforcement of math skills!

Click HERE or on the first picture for Valentine themed worksheets.

Valentine Worksheets

Click HERE or on the second picture for Winter Worksheets.

Winter Worksheets

Stay Warm and Well!

Winter in New England


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