Friday, December 30, 2011

An Awesome Book about Color and Animals for Kids

WOW!  The book Living Color by Steve Jenkins is really, really awesome!

Kids will love this book especially if they are big animal fans!

Here is a quote about the book taken from the back cover!

"Steve Jenkins 's books have been called stunning, eye-popping, inventive, gorgeous, masterful, extraordinary, playful, irresistible, compelling, engaging, accessible, glorious, and informative! Peek inside this book and you'll immediately understand why!"

WOW, that's a lot of adjectives to describe one book but I have to agree with all of them! There are lots of very interesting facts about some familiar animals and some not so familiar animals.

This book would work great with a study of animals and animal adaptations.

Here's a peek inside!



Also included in the book are awesome orange, yellow, purple, pink, and green animals.

The book is for students ages 7 (grade 3) and older but could be used as a read-aloud with younger students.

A craft activity might be a good follow-up. There are so many amazing animals in the book to choose from.

Here are a few suggestions from earlier posts!

Enjoy reading and crafting in the new year!

Happy New Year Doorknob Hangers Craft

Here's a simple little craft activity to help the kiddos get ready for a New Year. These HAPPY NEW YEAR Doorknob Hangers can be colored and decorated by the kids and hung on ALL the doors!  The kids can use crayons, paint, glitter glue, etc.

Younger kids may need help cutting the doorknob hangers or they could be precut and ready for them to add their artistic flair.

The Free Template Doorknob Hangers can be found on my website. Click on the link below then go to Worksheets PK-2.

To view a New Year's Clock Craft, click here.
To view a New Year's Noise Maker Craft, click here.


Thursday, December 29, 2011

Make a New Year Clock Craft Activity

One of the symbols always associated with New Year's Eve is a CLOCK.

In this activity students can make a paper plate clock to use on New Year's Eve.

  • paper plate
  • foam number stickers or crayons/markers
  • paper fastener
  • piece of foam or heavy paper to make clock hands.
  • scissors 

    Assist younger students in making their paper plate clocks. Older students may need more of a challenge. Perhaps they could make the numbers on their clocks with Roman Numerals.

    Save the paper clocks to use with math measurement lessons in the new year!

    Have fun crafting!

    Happy New Year!

    Wednesday, December 28, 2011

    Making Noise Makers for New Year's Eve

    While growing up my mom always allowed us to look around the house and find objects to use to Bang Rink in the New Year! Pots and pans plus their lids and wooden spoons were always a big hit! We loved being loud for a few minutes!

    Here's a simple craft the children can make to use on New Year's Eve whether it be 8:00 pm or 12:00 midnight!

    • 2 plastic cups or 2 small plastic bowls
    • strong, sticky tape
    • paper clips or pennies or rice or other small objects

    • Partly fill one cup with small objects
    • Securely tape the 2nd cup to the 1st cup.
    • Shake! Shake! Shake!

    If the kids really like making the sound instrument, you might consider beginning a unit on SOUND! If you check my Blog Archives on the left (Feb. 2011), I have 17 blog posts on Sound (a form of Energy). There are videos, crafts, experiments, puzzles, etc.

    Here's a link to the 1st blog post on SOUND! Click here.

    Happy New Year!

    Thursday, December 22, 2011

    Snowman and Snowflake Doorknob Hangers

    SNOW was predicted for tonight by our local meteorologists! Now they are predicting rain instead.

    Perhaps the kids might like to make these easy SNOWFLAKE and SNOWMAN Doorknob Hangers.

    The free templates can be found on my website. Just click on the link below, then go to Worksheets PreK - Gr.2.

    Younger students may need help cutting out the doorknob hangers or they could be pre-cut for the students to color and decorate.

    Perhaps the kids might also like to read some good books with a snow theme. Here are a few from Amazon.

    Enjoy the holidays and the winter season!

    Tuesday, December 20, 2011

    Easy Candy Cane Craft

    Here is a super easy Holiday Craft! It's a Candy Cane made from 2 pipe cleaners! 

    The kids can make the traditional red and white candy cane or they can use any colors they want. I'm amazed at all the different colors and flavors of candy canes that are available today in stores.

    They are so simple to make! All you need is 2 pipe cleaners!

    • 1st - Wrap one pipe cleaner around another or just twist them together! Try to keep them somewhat evenly spaced! :)
    • 2nd - Curl the top over forming a candy cane! So Simple!!!!

      If the children want to, they could add a little decoration to their candy cane(s). (a ribbon bow, a bell tied with ribbon, etc.)

      They candy canes look great on the tree, on holiday packages, etc.

      Happy Holidays!

      Sunday, December 18, 2011

      Easy Yarn Wreath Craft

      This YARN WREATH Craft Project is easy, fun, and inexpensive. The only supplies needed are yarn, ribbon, scissors, glue, and paper or card stock.

      • Cut about 50 pieces of yarn. They should all be the same length (an inch or larger depending on the size of your paper.)
      • Form a circular shape with the pieces of yarn. Younger students may need to trace a circle in the center of the paper, then place the yarn on the edges of the circle. A small milk or juice bottle cap or card stock circle template could be used for tracing.
      • Glue the yarn pieces onto the paper.
      • Add a ribbon or bow if desired.

      Any color yarn will work or a combination of colors. If using multiple colors, they can be placed randomly or in a pattern.

      If you want to incorporate a little math exercise, the kids can follow a designated pattern or make up their own pattern. The kids could make more than one wreath using different patterns.

      Curriculum Tie-Ins: Math - Measurement, Shapes, Patterns

      If you would like to view a Yarn Tree Craft, click here.

      Happy Holidays!

      Friday, December 16, 2011

      Yarn Tree Craft Activity

      Here is an Easy Christmas Tree for the kids to make. Plus it doesn't require many supplies. You only need some yarn (your choice of color{s}) and a scissors to get started. Add in paper or card stock and some glue and you're all set to craft!


      • Cut several different sizes of yarn.  The longest piece of yarn has to be shorter than the width of the paper or card stock.
      • Put the yarn pieces in order from smallest to largest.
      • Place and glue the yarn on the paper or card stock (horizontally) with the shortest piece on top and longest piece on the bottom.
      • Cut one or more small pieces of yard for the stem. Turn it vertically and glue it at the base of the tree!

      If you're looking for a curriculum tie in, here are a few.
      • Math - Review vocabulary: smallest, largest, horizontal, vertical
      • Science - Parts of a tree: stem, branches, leaves, trunk, roots
      • Language Arts - Read some cool fiction or non-fiction books about trees.

      To view a Ribbon Tree, Click here.
      To view a Rickrack Tree, Click here.

      Happy Holidays!

      Santa Claus Geometry Fun

       Arts and Crafts + Math (Geometry)

      The holidays are here and the kids are having lots of fun.  Here's another fun activity for them to try. Can they finish Santa Claus' picture using SYMMETRY?  They won't even notice that they are doing a MATH ACTIVITY!

      This worksheet can be found on my website. Just click on the link below then go to FREE WORKSHEETS.

      Happy Holidays!

      Wednesday, December 14, 2011

      Easy Ribbon Christmas Tree Craft

      Here is a very easy, quick, inexpensive Christmas Tree Craft Activity that even young kids can enjoy making.

      This craft could be used in a frame, simply hung on the refrigerator, or even used as the front of a Christmas Card.

      • ribbon (any colors or designs)
      • glue
      • scissors
      • paper or card stock

      • Choose a piece of paper or card stock.
      • Cut approximately 6 - 12 small pieces of ribbon all different sizes. The longest piece has to be smaller than the width of your paper.
      • Arrange the pieces of ribbon in order from smallest to largest
      • Glue the pieces of ribbon in the same order, (horizontally) with the smallest on top and largest on the bottom, onto the paper or card stock.
      • Cut a small piece of ribbon for the stem. Turn it vertically and glue it on the bottom.
      • Enjoy your new modern-looking ribbon tree!

           You can sneak tie in a quick math lesson by introducing or reviewing the terms smallest, largest, horizontal, and vertical before, during, or after the craft activity!

          Have Fun!

          Tuesday, December 13, 2011

          Reptile Craft Project, Books, and Word Search Puzzle

          Kids usually love learning about ANIMALS! In this craft activity the kids can PAINT a REPTILE on a T-Shirt and/or Tote Bag. As the paint is drying they can read some cool books about reptiles!

          • T-shirt and/or tote bag
          • stencil (lizard or other reptile)
          • fabric paint
          • paint brush or sponge brush
          • cardboard 

            • Place a piece of cardboard inside the T-shirt or tote bag. (The fabric paint will probably bleed through the front of the shirt.)
            • Place the stencil on top of the shirt (or tote bag) in the desired location.
            • Use a paint brush or sponge brush to paint inside the stencil.
            • Remove the stencil carefully.
            • Leave the cardboard inside the shirt.
            • Move the shirt carefully to a place where it can dry for approximately 24 hours.
            • Have the kids put on the shirts and read some awesome reptile books. Enjoy!
            • Put reptile books in the reptile tote bag for traveling and easy storage! 

              Some other reptiles that the kids could paint and/or read about are: alligator, chameleon, crocodile, dinosaur, gecko, iguana, skink, snake, tortoise, and turtle.

              If you would like a Reptile Word Search Puzzle for kids to complete that lists various types of reptiles, you could download a puzzle on my website. Click on the link below then go to Free Worksheets.

              Have fun crafting and learning about reptiles!

              I also have a Reptile Bingo Game at my TPT Store. You can view it here.

              Monday, December 12, 2011

              Easy, Inexpensive, Paper Christmas Ornaments

              Here are some easy, inexpensive, paper ornaments to make with the kids!

              • paper (any type)
              • scissors
              • stapler
              • hole punch
              • paper cutter (optional)

              • Cut strips of paper to be a half inch or wider. They can be any length. (I used computer paper.)
              • Staple 5 strips together at one end.
              • Cut off about a half inch from the other end of the 3 middle strips.
              • Cut off another half inch from the very middle strip.
              • Pinch together all the ends of the 5 strips and staple.
              • Use a hole punch and punch one end of the ornament. Add a hook or piece of yarn, etc.
              • Hang the ornaments on a tree, in a window, etc.

              You could also use striped or patterned paper for a different look.

                Enjoy holiday crafting!

              Sunday, December 11, 2011

              TP Roll Poinsettia Craft Activity

              Here are some easy Poinsettias for the kids to make with your recycled TP Rolls!

              • TP roll
              • red or other color paint
              • paint brush
              • scissors
              • glue
              • yellow paper
              • small yellow pompoms or yellow tissue paper

              • Fold a TP roll flat.
              • Cut the roll into strips approx 1/2 to 3/4 inches wide.
              • Paint each section red or your choice of color.
              • Form a circle with the sections and glue them together.
              • Cut a small circle from yellow paper.
              • Glue the circle on the center of your flower.
              • Glue some small yellow pom poms on the circle or use yellow tissue paper rolled into little balls.
              • Display your new Poinsettias on a door, window, Christmas tree, etc. or use them for the front of a Holiday Card!

                 Here's a link to another Poinsettia craft activity. Click here.

                Have fun crafting for the holidays!


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