Friday, January 31, 2014

Valentine's Day Teacher Resources Giveaway

Kelsea at Teacher Gems is having a HUGE Teaching Resources GIVEAWAY at her blog, Teacher Gems.

The Giveaway runs from January 31- February 4.

You can enter the K-2, 3-5, and / or 6-8 and the clipart giveaways!

My donation is my Valentine's Day Love Bug Addition with Doubles Activity which comes in color and grayscale.
Valentine's Love Bug Addition with Doubles

Just click on the picture directly above to learn more about my product. Just click on the top picture to go to Kelsea's Giveaway!

Best of luck!


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Simple & Compound Machines Additional Resources

This week I have been posting about Simple and Compound Machines. If you missed my 2 earlier posts you can read them by clicking on the following links:

Simple Machines - 1

Simple Machines - 2

In today's post, I'm adding some additional links to fun ideas, activities, resources, book suggestions and online game suggestions to help in your teaching of simple and compound machines.

Just click on the links below to go to my earlier posts.

Simple Machines Fun Online Games

Simple Machines Scavenger Hunt

Exploratory Fun with Simple Machines

Simple Machines Interactive Website

Simple Machines Books for Kids

Bill Nye Video - Simple Machines

Have fun with science!


Monday, January 27, 2014

6 Types of Simple Machines with Activities for Kids

I hope you got to see yesterday's post on Simple and Compound Machines. If not just click here.

Today's post includes a list of ideas, examples, and activities that you can choose from to do some fun exploring and hand-on activities with your students as you teach and they explore, investigate, and learn about the 6 types of simple machines.

Just click on the appropriate link below to go to each resource.


Inclined Plane

Wheel and Axle

Wheel and Axle - What are Gears?

Wheel and Axle - Gear Resources

Lever - What is a Lever?

Lever - Resources



Have fun with science!


Sunday, January 26, 2014

Simple & Compound Machines Fun Science Resources

Are you teaching or planning to teach about Simple and Compound Machines to your students?

Here are some resources that are already here on my blog to help you get started or to supplement your teaching.

Included are an idea for a field trip, using a store flyer, a word search, a crossword puzzle, and a Venn Diagram.

Simple and Compound Machines Fun Science Resources

Just click on the appropriate link below to find each resource.

Simple Machines Field Trip

Simple Machines - Using a Store Flyer

Word Search

Crossword Puzzle

Venn Diagram

I hope these resources are helpful to you! I will post more simple and compound machines resources in my next couple of blog posts so please come back to check them out! :)

Have fun teaching science!


Thursday, January 16, 2014

Football Theme Paper Plate Clocks

Football Frenzy Time is here! Which teams will be competing in the Super Bowl? Use your students' enthusiasm to make some fun paper plate clocks to practice their telling time skills.

Lots of stores have paper plates with a football theme on the shelves now. Buy some to use for Super Bowl Sunday and use the extras to make fun paper plate clocks.

To make the above clock, you will only need a few supplies:
  • paper plates
  • sticky back foam numbers (purchased at dollar stores or craft stores)
  • brass fastener
  • craft foam and scissors
Most of the supplies can be found at dollar or craft stores. (Use a coupon from the internet or your mailbox.)

It would be best for the adults to make the clock hands from the craft foam and attach the hands to the plate with a brass fastener. Let the kids have fun placing the numbers in the correct spots.

To get some ideas for other paper plate clocks that you can make or purchase inexpensively as well as some great ideas and resources to help you teach about time just click on the link below.

Have Fun!


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

W!N Great Teaching Resources and Clip Art at Teacher Treasure Hunter

Melissa at Teacher Treasure Hunter is having a HUGE GIVEAWAY!!!! It's the biggest giveaway I have ever seen. She has soooooo many great teaching products and wonderful clip art to giveaway!
This is one giveaway not to miss!
My donation is my Winter Mittens Ten-Frames Matching Activity
Winter Mittens Ten-frames Matching Games
Numbers 0-10 and 10-20

Just click on the picture above to see my product and click on the top picture to go to Melissa's blog.

Best of Luck!!!!



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