Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Spider Math, Science, Literacy, and Crafts

With the start of October almost here, lots of classes will be having fun learning about SPIDERS!
It's a great time of year to do science, math, literacy, and crafts with a spider theme.

I love making simple paper plate clocks with kids for ALL the holidays. It's simple, inexpensive, and gives kids needed practice with learning and practicing their telling time skills.

To make the clock with kids, you can start with a plain white paper plate clock and some paint or crayons to decorate the paper plate or buy some inexpensive decorated plates like the one in the picture above.
Add some numbers and 2 hands and the kids are all set for some fun math practice! The kids can write the numbers directly on the paper plate or they can write the numbers on small color coding self -adhesive labels. The hands can be made with construction paper or craft foam and fastened with a brass fastener.

Color coding labels

If your students are in need of Addition practice, you can download my FREE Spider Addition with Doubles Matching Activity from my Teachers Pay Teachers Store. Just click on the picture below.
Spider Addition - Free

Spider Addition

I love all of Miss Frizzle's adventures and these books are very popular with kids.! :) Reading The Magic School Bus Spins A Web is a great science and literacy activity for this time of year.

Magic School Bus Spins A Web Book

Crafts are fun to do with kids at any time of the year. Here are a few spider crafts. Click on the links below to get the directions.

Spider Crafts

Egg Carton Spider Craft   

String or Yarn Spider Web Craft

Glitter Glue Spider Web Craft
If you are interested in doing a little unit on Spiders with the kids, you could check out my new Spider Resource at my TpT Store which contains lots of fun spider posters, an interactive flap book, and printables. Just click on the picture below.
Happy October!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

SAVE the Macaws Fundraiser

Both Carrie Whitlock and TPT are having a fundraiser to save the macaws!!! Due to overwhelming deforestation in the rainforest, the wildlife is facing many challenges. The beautiful macaws are facing a huge decline in their population. This wonderful fundraiser is trying to save this beautiful population!

Save the Macaws Fundraiser

Many sellers at TPT have donated products to this fundraiser and you can receive some wonderful products at a huge discount.

To learn more about this fundraiser visit Carrie's blog!

You can also visit this special shop at TPT to learn more and purchase any of the discounted bundles.

Rainforest Counting Puzzles

My product Rainforest Counting Puzzles are included in the Grades K-2 bundle but there are also discounted bundles for Grades 3-5, Grades 6-8, and Grades 19-12. There is also a Clipart Bundle!

We hope you can help us spread the word about this important fundraiser! :)




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