Friday, May 13, 2011

What is an Inclined Plane?

An INCLINED PLANE is a very simple machine that is made of a slanted or tilted flat surface.

It is used to connect a lower level to a higher level.

Examples: ramp, steps, staircase, slide, ladder, sloping roads, roller coaster


Use a picture(s).
  • One way to begin a lesson on the inclined plane is to have the children OBSERVE a picture (such as the picture above).
  • Ash them if they can help solve a problem. In this case the problem is that the owner of the lawn mower wants to put the lawn mower on the truck but the mower is too heavy to pick up. Ask the students if they can think of a way for the owner to get the mower onto the truck.
  • Have students brainstorm different solutions.
  • Show them the next picture as a possible solution......ramps....a type of inclined plane. 
  • Ask how ramps would help solve the problem. (Pushing an object up the ramp is easier than lifting it straight up.)

  • Discuss the definition of an inclined plane and have students brainstorm and list examples of inclined planes.
  • Have students discuss where they have seen inclined planes.
  • Discuss how ramps and other inclined planes help people. (Ramps help people in wheelchairs get into buildings, etc.)
  • Have students sketch/draw different inclined planes.
  • Have students look in catalogs, magazines, or online for pictures of inclined planes.
  • Have students make a poster of inclined planes that includes the definition and at least 5 illustrated examples. 
  • When outside with students have them look for inclined planes. Take pictures.

    Watch a video 

    Read Books about Inclined Planes

    Visit Websites about Inclined Planes

    Have students create inclined planes
    • Use Legos or other kids' building materials.

    Enjoy Inclined Planes

      Have fun with simple machines!


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