I have LOTS of FREEBIES for you!

Most of my freebies are included in my various blog posts with links to the actual freebies.

Lots of freebies are also found on my Teachers Pay Teachers Page and my website (Learning Workroom). Here are some of the freebies with links to retrieve them.

Cupcake Compound Words Match-Up


Spider Addition with Doubles Matching Activity

Odd and Even Number Posters and Student Worksheets

Prime and Composite Number Posters and Student Worksheets

Ordinal Words and Numbers Word Wall Cards and Student Activity/Game Cards 

 Magnetism Word Search Puzzle and Answer Key

Friendly Ghost Odd and Even Numbers Sorting Activity

 0-10 Coloring Book with Ten-Frames


Also, on my website are over 100 Free Worksheets and Activity Pages for PreK - Grade 8.

Just head over to to download some of these freebies. Here is a brief sampling.

Addition Chart/Table
Addition Chart/Table
Number Chart 1-100

Number Chart 1-120
Multiplication Table

Blank Bingo Card
Odd and Even Numbers

Letters A - Z

                                                  Place Value Game


Plus there are lots of Word Search Puzzles, Crossword Puzzles,and lots more!

Here's the link again for your convenience.

Have fun teaching and learning with the kids!


  1. Fantastic sheets! And a HUGE thank you for offering them for free! One of our little ones struggled with math this year, so several of these will be extremely helpful!

    Snagging your button too!

    Found you through The Super Stalker Hop, visiting from



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