Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What is a Pulley?

A PULLEY is a simple machine with  a cord or rope moving around it.

A pulley is used to lift or pull

Examples of objects that use a pulley: flagpole, mini-blind, exercise equipment, heavy machinery

Videos about Pulleys

How Pulleys Work

Mad Scientist Simple Machines - Part 3

The Pulley and How Pulleys Work

Websites about Pulleys

Pulley Activities

Activity 1


  • pulley (can be bought at a hardware store ... cost approx. $2.00)
  • rope/heavy duty string
  • plastic jug with water or other item to pull
  • hook or other place to hang the pulley


  • Find a place to attach/hang your pulley (I used the back of a closet door with a hook.
  • Thread the rope/string through the pulley.
  • Attach the pulley to your hook.
  • Tie one end of the rope/string tightly to your plastic jug handle.
  • Pull on the end of the rope that is not attached to the plastic jug.(Your jug should move up.) 

Activities  2 - 5

  • Brainstorm and list as many machines as you can think of that use a pulley.
  • Sketch and label some of these machines.
  • Go on a scavenger hunt to find pulleys: in the classroom, home, school, or neighborhood. Take pictures and /or sketch pictures of the machines with pulleys.
  • Make a poster of machines with pulleys.
  • Explain how a pulley works (oral or written).

Have fun with simple machines!


    1. This is a great information blog about pulleys. I really like the way you not only defined them, but you showed us a video and demonstrated how to build one!

      I found you off of I love my online friends Monday hop from last week. I was hoping to play this week, but no party was thrown. I just became your newest follower. If you would like to return the favor I’m leaving a link to my blog below. I am looking for new friends to exchange comments with.

      My Blog

    2. Love this!! I've purchased pulleys, but have never gotten around to them! This summer we will take them on!!

    3. Thanks for joining us for Terrific Thursday blog hop!!

      I remember making a pulley that went from my bedroom window to my sisters bedroom window. We thought it was the coolest thing ever!!

      Have a great day!

    4. Thanks for linking up at Fancy Friday! This post is great information. I'll have to pass on to my husband. Looks fun to do with our kids, right up his alley!



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