Friday, October 7, 2011

Creating Symmetry With Geometric Shapes

Children can have fun using GEOMETRIC SHAPES to complete or create SYMMETRY DESIGNS.

  • Geometric Shapes
  • Grid Paper (use the center line as the line of symmetry)

 Using the concept of LINE SYMMETRY, students can complete a geometric design.
 Here are a few examples from easy to more difficult. These examples all have a vertical
 line of symmetry.

This can be a small group activity, a learning center activity, or students can work in pairs - one student can create a geometric design and the partner can create the mirror image.


This picture actually has a vertical and a horizontal line of symmetry!



Students could create their own geometric design with the geometric shapes using a vertical or horizontal line of symmetry.

Vertical Line of Symmetry

After students have mastered vertical  and horizontal lines of symmetry in their designs they can try diagonal lines of symmetry, multiple lines of symmetry, and rotational symmetry. 

Have fun with geometric shapes and symmetry!


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