Thursday, October 27, 2011

Geometry - What is a Pyramid?

A PYRAMID is a 3D Geometric Shape.

Features: A pyramid has 3 or more triangular faces and 1 base. It is named for the shape of its base.

Examples: triangular pyramid, square pyramid

Suggested Activities
  • Read books about pyramids and other 3D Shapes. 

  • Have students observe a pyramid(s) manipulative(s) or picture(s) of a pyramid(s).  Discuss its properties. Have students describe the features of a pyramid.

Egyptian Pyramids

  • Have students search their home or classroom to find any pyramid shapes.


  • Have students create pyramids with arts and crafts materials.

    • Have students use NETS  (2D representations of 3D Shapes) of pyramids to create pyramid models.

               Click here to get nets of triangular and square pyramids.

    Triangular Pyramid Net - (Tetrahedron)

    Square Pyramid Net

    Have fun with geometry.


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