Friday, September 30, 2011

Math Book - Sir Cumference and the Great Knight of Angleland


I love this children's geometry book about ANGLES! In fact I love all the books in this series. The author,  Cindy Neuschwander, is so clever! This book is great for upper elementary and middle school. I've used it as a Read-Aloud.

The setting for this story is in England in olden times with medieval castles and knights. The names of the characters alone crack me up!

Radius - our main character
Sir Cumference - Radius' father
Lady Di of Ameter - Radius' mother
Sir D'Grees - Radius' teacher
King Lell and his Dragons - Pair of Lells

In the story Radius is sent out on a quest and has to find his way through a maze of angles.  He is given a medallion, an old family heirloom (actually a protractor) by his parents to give him courage. No one knows what the numbers stand for. Of course Radius, the hero of the story, solves the puzzle and teaches us about circles and angles.

The kids can make a medallion similar to the one in the story with a paper plate. (See below.)

Another craft would be to use a paper plate to duplicate the picture on page 30 in the book to learn about or reinforce acute, right, and obtuse angles.

This book is such a great math adventure and the paper plate medallion (protractor) actually works!  The kids can have fun measuring angles!

Have fun with math!

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