Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hexagons, Honeybees, and Honeycombs

Hexagons are polygons with 6 sides.

Have you ever noticed that the cells of a honeycomb are all hexagons? Amazing....isn't it!

Here is a quick little video that shows a regular and irregular hexagon.
~ Hexagons Video

Here is a great video about the building of a honeycomb by bees.

~ Mathematics of the Honeycomb

Here is an amazing craft activity made with hexagons.
~ Hexagonal Kaleiodocycle 

More Hexagon Fun
One of my favorite blogs to read is Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational. If you want to have fun with hexagons, honeybees, and honeycombs, you will have to visit this site! (Also, start saving your paper towel rolls! - I love craft projects that recycle.)
Click on the link below for this great lesson and activity with regular hexagons.

Thanks for visiting! Have fun with hexagons.


  1. Thanks for sharing my blog with your followers, Marcia! And for you to refer to it as one of your faves ... well, I'm 'BEE'YOND flattered! (I just couldn't help but add the cheesy pun.) All kidding aside though, it means a lot to hear that!

  2. Great post--I've pinned it, so I can come back to it when we look at bees in-depth.

  3. I saw a cool idea to make a toilet paper roll into a hexagon and then make them into honey combs. It was up on Science Sunday a few weeks ago.



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