Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Geometry - What is a Rhombus?

A RHOMBUS is a 4 sided figure. It is a special type of parallelogram in which all 4 sides are equal and opposite angles are also equal.  

A rhombus is sometimes called a diamond!

Every rhombus is a parallelogram and a rhombus with 4 right angles is a square.

Here is a link to a cute, clever, and catchy little musical video for kids to view to help them remember this particular polygon. You might feel like you have traveled to a tropical island as you view and listen to this video. It certainly has an Island Flair!

Here is another link to a video about the RHOMBUS!

~What is a Rhombus?

After viewing the video, students could sketch and label a rhombus or several rhombuses in their math notebooks. They could also look for rhombuses in their environment and even take some pictures.


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