Friday, September 9, 2011

Pattern Blocks - Fun Hands-On Math Manipulatives

Pattern Blocks are a type of hands-on, colorful, geometric manipulative that children can use when investigating various math concepts.

Learning Resources Wooden Pattern Blocks, Set of 250 (LER0334) 

They are composed of 6 shapes and colors and can be used for exploration, sorting, patterning, shape recognition, and spatial reasoning. They can also be used when investigating symmetry, linear and area measurement, fractions, and problem solving.

Pattern Blocks are composed of:

 Set 1

  • Green Equilateral Triangle
  • Blue Regular Rhombus
  • Red Trapezoid
  • Yellow Hexagon

Set 2

  • Orange Square
  • Beige Rhombus

Students can have lots of fun investigating patterns, learning math concepts, and creating pictures with pattern blocks.

Here are links to pattern block templates, so you can make your own pattern blocks, as well as links to fun online and offline activities to do with pattern blocks. They are extremely versatile and can be used in many areas of mathematics.

Click on the Links: 

~ Pattern Blocks Template

~ Click Here: Pattern Block Mats

~ Click here: Pattern Blocks

Have fun! 

Commercial Pattern Blocks can be made of plastic, foam, or wood. Some are magnetic and there are even some available for the overhead projector. Design cards and activity books are also available.



  1. Pattern blocks are great. You can teach different types of patterns and fractions. The blocks are also fun for students who have special needs.

  2. I agree! Thanks for visiting Karen.
    Marcia :)



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