Saturday, September 24, 2011

Geometry- What is a Pentagon?

A PENTAGON is a closed figure with 5 sides and 5 angles.

The students might enjoy viewing the following videos about PENTAGONS. Click on the links below.

~ Pentagon (regular and irregular)

~ How to Fold A Pentagon

~ Origami Basics: Cut a Pentagon from a Square

~ Pentagonal Zooming

The students could sketch and label a regular and irregular pentagon in their science notebooks.

They could also look for pentagon shapes in their environment.

Older students can measure the interior angles of a pentagon.

The sum of the 5 interior angles of a pentagon equals 540 degrees.

In a regular pentagon each angle measures 108 degrees.


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  1. Very well discussed and I am sharing a simple definition about polygon as -A polygon is a plane shape with straight sides.A simple polygon has only one boundary, and a complex polygon intersects itself.



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