Saturday, September 3, 2011

Geometry: Making 2-D Shapes with Manipulatives

As children learn about two-dimensional shapes, they will need lots of practice making the shapes.
There are lots of fun inexpensive manipulatives that they can use to make their 2-D shapes.

Popsicle Sticks

Students can also glue the sticks together or onto the paper.


Pipe Cleaners

Tooth Picks or Party Pics

Small Craft Sticks

Combination of Popsicle Sticks + Small Craft Sticks
 (Great for making rectangles)

Licorice (Candy!) 

I usually have the kids put the food on a paper plate, napkin, or paper towel for display before eating their masterpieces!

Students can also use pencils, thin strips of paper, chop sticks, etc.
Other foods that can be used are carrot sticks, celery, pretzel sticks, etc.

Younger students could also be coloring, tracing, sorting, identifying, matching, labeling, and drawing different 2-D shapes.

If you would like to view some 2-D shape videos and songs for kids click here.

Hopefully this is what your student(s) will be shouting!

Have fun with 2 dimensional shapes!


  1. looks like fun all but the licorice one .. we'd eat it before we got that far lol

  2. hi marcia

    absolutely awesome!
    looks like fun.

    hope you're having a great long weekend.


  3. My girls are a little too young for this, but it's a fabulous idea and I will save it for a few years.

    I am a new follower from the Link and Learn from No Time For Flash Cards. If you would like to follow me back come by and say hi!

  4. fun ideas - my girls would love the licorice shapes (of course!)

    I am sharing this on Facebook/Twitter!

    Thank you for linking to the Sunday Showcase!


  5. Great ideas, as usual, Marcia! I featured your toothpick hexagon photo and your site in my post about homeschooling inexpensively:

  6. Thanks you Deb, I loved your many great ideas. Also thanks for including my blog.
    Marcia :)



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