Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Geometry - What is a Prism?

A PRISM is a 3D Shape or Geometric Solid.
Features: A Prism has 3 or more rectangular faces and 2   identical parallel bases.

Rectangular Prism

Rectangular Prism

  • Rectangular Prisms - made of 6 rectangular faces.
  • Triangular Prisms - made of 3 rectangular faces and 2 triangular bases
  • Pentagonal Prisms - made of 5 rectangular faces and 2 pentagonal bases
  • Hexagonal Prism - made of 6 rectangular faces and 2 hexagonal bases
  • Octagonal Prism - made of 8 rectangular faces and 2 octagonal bases
  • Etc.

Suggested Activities
  • Read books about prisms and other 3D Shapes. 

  • Have students observe prism manipulatives or pictures of a prisms.  Discuss their properties. Have students describe the features of different prisms.
Triangular Prism

Hexagonal Prism and Octagonal Prism

Pentagonal Prism

    • Have students look in their homes or classrooms for examples of prisms. How many can they find?

    Rectangular Prism

    • Have students create prisms with Arts and Crafts Materials.
    • Have students create prisms with NETS  (2D representations of 3D figures).
               Click here to get NETS of various prisms.

    Rectangular Prism

    Triangular Prism

    Have fun with math!


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