Friday, March 25, 2011

Guest Post - The Perfect Planters for Your Plants

Guest Post by Ashlee from izzyshare

We know that having plants in our spaces are good for a number of reasons.  Plants add life and color to a room and can also be good responsibility builders for children. Who am I kidding, they are even good responsibility builders for adults! I can now proudly say that I have kept a plant alive for over 3 months now! I have never been one to possess a green thumb.  I’ve been trying to improve my gardening skills and my thumb is getting greener day by day!  

Paired with a charming planter, the plant-planter duo can add instant character to a room. You can really let your personality shine through when choosing planters for your plants. You can make them out of just about anything and the embellishment possibilities are endless. If you're not a crafter there are planters made to cater to everyone’s style.  I have gathered some planters that have caught my eye in an effort to help inspire you to find the perfect planters for your plants. 

photo via TheLocalHoney

The above planters are made from various tin cans. We all have tin cans of some sort in our kitchens. Why not save them for a rainy day or weekend project with the kids?  The planters you see above are decorated with paper, mod podge, and paint. Make sure to put a couple of drainage holes in the bottom of your cans. What a great activity to complete with your kids and a great opportunity to talk about reusing and recycling! To see how these planters were made click here.

I am in love with the above planter. What a clever and inexpensive home for a plant. This planter is made from placing wooden clothespins around a tuna can. Come on, can't get any easier!  Cut out shapes or pictures to place between the clothespin to give it some character.  This would be a great gift idea for teachers or would make great party table decor! Super inexpensive and oh so easy to make.

photo via EnvironmentTeam

Another great example of reusing!  I will have to say that I would probably need to have my husband cut through the books for me on this project. To make this an inexpensive project, head out to yard sales or to the nearest Goodwill to find cheap books that you wouldn't mind to put a hole through.  Click here for a tutorial on turning a book into a planter. 

photo via fredflare

The above blue boot planter is adorable! Is it not? The blue and green work very nicely together in this plant-planter duo.  

photo via ferm living

I am loving the above stem planters! These planters would definitely add a natural feel to your room.  I would love to have a couple of these for my kitchen windowsill. 

These planters are just the tip of the iceberg. There are tons of planter ideas on the web and now that spring is here, stores like Target and Wal-Mart have a great selection of planters. Since my little plant is still thriving I think it's time to give him a pretty little planter to live in. I'm thinking of going in the tin can direction.  Hope you're feeling inspired to make or find planters!  I would love to see pictures of plants in your home or classroom! Send me pictures and I will feature them on izzyshare!
Happy Spring! 


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