Friday, March 4, 2011

Create a Mini Green House for Seeds

Create a Mini Green House for Bean Seeds

This activity will help the kids see the actual beginning growth of the bean seeds.

  • hand lens
  • cup or bowl
  • bean seeds
  • water
  • paper towel
  • zip lock bag


    • Have students use a hand lens to observe the seeds.
    • Have students sketch a picture of the seeds.
    • Soak bean seeds in room temperature water for a few hours.
    • Have the students observe and sketch the seeds again and note any differences.
    • Wet a paper towel and place it in a zip-lock plastic bag.
    • Add a few bean seeds to the bag.
    • Seal the bag and place it in direct sunlight. (You can even tape the bag to a window sill.)
    • Check on the bag each day until the bean seeds have sprouted.
    • Carefully remove the seeds from the bag and have the kids again observe and sketch the plant.
    • Plant the new sprout in soil.
    • Place the plant in the sun and water as needed.
    • When the sprouts are 5 inches high, they may be planted outside if desired. 


        1. Great idea! I love this and will try it out with my sons.

        2. I usually do this activity in June when there is lots of sun shining in the windows. If you live in the Northeast like me you might want to wait a month or two but it is an amazing process to watch! Your boys will be amazed! :)
          Thanks for stopping by!
          Marcia :)



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