Monday, March 7, 2011

Plant Structures and Functions

Students need to learn plant structures (parts) and the function (job) of each structure.

Combine Science and Art and let the kids have fun creating their own flowering plants.

Vocabulary: structure, function, seed, flower, stem, leaf (leaves), roots

Plant Structures and Functions

Seed - grows into a new plant
Flower - produces the seeds
Stem - transports water and supports the plant
Leaf - makes the food for the plant
Roots - takes up water and minerals, holds the plant in place

  • Have at least one real plant for students to observe and *pictures or a poster (can be teacher made) of a flowering plant.
  • Ask students if they have a garden or any plants at home.
  • Ask students if they can name the structures (parts) of a plant. As students name the plant parts list them on the board. (Perhaps add the new words to a Word Wall.)
  • Ask students if they know the function (job) of each plant part. Also list these on the board. If students need help with this, the teacher can read to the students from a children's book on plants (Jack's Garden by Henry Cole or other children's book).
  • Finish the lesson by having children use crayons, paints, magic markers, colored pencils, glitter glue, draw their own plant and label the parts. Make the plants 3D .... use pipe cleaners or straws for the stem and roots or roll the stems with green construction paper. Use paper plates or coffee filters for the flower and glue real seeds on the flower. Tell the kids to use their imaginations and have fun creating their own flowering plant!
  • Older students can also write the function (job) for each plant part 

    *Pictures of plants can be found on recycled cards, calendars, magazines, or catalogs. 

    Sample picture

    • foam material
    • pom poms
    • scissors
    • pipe cleaners (green and white)
    • glue
    • glitter glue 
    • marker

    The teacher may want to precut all the plant parts for younger students.

    Here are links to many more arts and crafts ideas for making flowers posted on the Teach Preschool , Meet the Dubiens and Homeschool Creations sites.

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