Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Planting Bean Seeds

Planting with kids can be a lot of fun!

Out of all the different seeds that I've planted with kids, I've had the most success with bean seeds and kids get excited because they grow pretty quickly.

  • hand lens
  • bean seeds
  • clear plastic cups
  • potting soil
  • plastic spoon (for soil)
  • markers to put student names on their cup(s)
  • container with water


    • Begin the lesson by providing the students with some bean seeds to examine. Have students use a hand lens to observe the seeds.
    • Ask students what these seeds would need in order to grow.
    • Elicit from students that the seeds will need: soil, water, sunshine, and air to grow.
    • Provide each child with a cup, a few bean seeds, and some soil.
    • Have students fill their cups half full with potting soil.
    • Have them place two fingers in the soil and make a few spaces for the seeds, then drop in a few seeds and cover the seeds over with soil.
    • Ask students to brainstorm the best locations to place their newly planted seeds.
    • Have the students water the plants and place them in a sunny spot (window sill, etc.).
    • Have students observe their plants each day to see if they need water.
    • Have students keep a daily log of their plant growth by sketching and/or writing about what they observe each day. 
    • Have fun!

    The teacher can make a few holes in the bottom of the cups for students (using a nail or pencil point) prior to passing out the cups to students to prevent the overwatering of the plants. 

      Day 1

        Follow Up

        • Have a selection of plant books at the children's reading levels for them to spend some time reading independently or with a partner.
          From Seed to Plant

        The Magic School Bus Plants Seeds: A Book About How Living Things Grow

        • For younger students, the teacher can read a book to the students. (Example:  The Tiny Seed by Eric Carl )  
         The Tiny Seed

        • Do a movement exercise with kids in grades K-2. Have the students crouch down and pretend to be a tiny seed just planted. Pretend to water them, and have the children slowly rise (their stem is growing). Pretend to add more water and they can now stand tall and spread their arms (their leaves are opening up to reach the Sun.)

            Day 10

                Day 10 - Back cup didn't grow!  :( 


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