Monday, March 28, 2011

Pumpkin Fun

Learning about pumpkins can be done as part of a plant unit, or with a unit about the seasons or holidays (they seem to be everywhere in the fall), or as a pi day activity (March 14).


 1. Do pumpkins sink or float? Have the children make a prediction before observing.
     Use a bucket, other container, or the sink and water to test.

This bucket was bought at a Dollar Store.

 2. How much does a pumpkin weigh? Again have children make a prediction before
     weighting the pumpkin(s).

 3. How big is the pumpkin(s)? Measure its height and width. Measure the distance
    around the pumpkin.With older children ask, "What is its circumference? You
    can use string or yarn to measure the circumference, then measure the 
    string/yarn with a ruler or tape measure.


 4. Is the pumpkin a fruit?  (If it has seeds then it is a fruit not a vegetable.) Does the
     pumpkin contain a seed or seeds? If the children think it does contain seeds, have
     the kids make a prediction about the number of seeds and write down their
     prediction(s).  This data could be put into a graph.

 5. Clean out the pumpkin(s) and count the seeds! Compare to the students'
     predictions. Observe the pumpkin and its seeds with a hand lens.
     Sketch a picture of the inside and outside of the pumpkin and its seeds.

 6. Toast pumpkin seeds and/or make pumpkin pie.

 7. Describe a pumpkin using your senses. Write a poem about pumpkins.

 8. Compare/contrast a pumpkin to another fruit.


 9. Plant pumpkin seeds.

10. Watch a video on the Life Cycle of a Pumpkin from Teacher Tube.
      Click Here: Pumpkin Life Cycle Video

11. Draw and label the pumpkin life cycle.

12. Read books about pumpkins and other fruit.

 Books 4 Learning has done a great job reviewing pumpkin books for you plus has a
 wonderful list of extension activities.

  The 1st link is non-fiction books. The 2nd link is fiction books.

Click here:

Click here:

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