Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Algae are Plants! - Collecting Seaweed

Algae are plants.

Most algae live in water. Some are very, very, very tiny. Others are large seaweed.


Seaweed Activities

  • Children can observe and collect seaweeds at beaches and seashores.
                      *They can look for different colors, textures, and shapes.
                      *They can sketch pictures of the different seaweeds in their science
                      *They can compare and contrast the different seaweeds.
                      *They can compare the seaweed to common land plants.
                      *They can take pictures of the different seaweeds.


  • Children can use field guides or the internet to name and classify seaweed.

                 *Seaweeds are classified into 3 groups: Red seaweed, Brown seaweed, and
                  Green Seaweed

  • Children can press and preserve the seaweeds and share their work with family and friends.

               *(Rinse off the seaweed with water before pressing.)

               *They should label each seaweed with:

                            ~ the date collected
                            ~ location where found
                            ~ type of seaweed: scientific and common name


  • Children can paint ocean pictures with water color paints highlighting underwater plants/seaweed. They may want to add real seaweed to their pictures.

  • Children can look for seaweed in their house!

                *Need Help???? Look for the words alginate, carrageenan, and beta 
                 carotene on foods and other products in your house.  (toothpaste,
                 frozen desserts, salad dressings, milkshakes, dairy products, cake mixes,
                 ice cream, medicines, etc.)

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