Monday, August 1, 2011

Invertebrates (Animals WITHOUT Backbones) Introduction

Here we are at a new month and it's time to change our topic  We'll learn about Invertebrates this month. We'll add in lots of fun summer reading, some songs, and lots of arts and crafts.


Scientists divide animals into 2 main groups (Vertebrates and Invertebrates).

Vertebrates are animals with a backbone. This group is subdivided into 5 classes:

All other animals are Invertebrates (no backbone).

This month we will learn about the following Invertebrate groups:
  • Sponges
  • Coelentrates
  • Echinoderms
  • Worms
  • Mollusks
  • Arthropods 
           ~ Insects
           ~ Arachnids
           ~ Centipedes
           ~ Millipedes
           ~ Crustaceans

  • Have children brainstorm and share what they already know about invertebrates and what they want to learn. You can download a KWL Chart from our website to fill out with the students. Click on the link below then at the website click on free worksheets
           Learning Workroom Website

  • Watch this cute video about Vertebrates and Invertebrates presently on You Tube.
  • Have the kids pull out all their invertebrate animal books and invertebrate stuffed animals and get ready for a month of fun learning about these extremely interesting animals with no backbones.

Invertebrate Zoology (Real Kids Real Science Books)

 Invertebrates (Time for Kids Nonfiction Readers)      Invertebrates: Fluent (Nonfiction Readers)

Animals Without Backbones (Really Wild Life of Insects) Snail: External Parts Book (External Anatomy of the Mollusk) Starfish (Sea Star): External Parts Book (External Anatomy of the Echinoderm)

Buster Kohair Blue Crab 9"    Disney Club Crab Plush Series 11 Klutzy   Grriggles Catch Of The Day Lobster

Plush Henry Hermit Crab with Shell 5"  Hermit Crab Cuddlekin 12" Adventure Planet Plush - HERMIT CRAB ( 8 inch )

Plush Bugs Assortment (1 dz)  The Very Hungry Caterpillar Board Book and Plush (Book&Toy)  Cuddlekins Tarantula Plush : 12 inch Stuffed Toy Animal



  1. You have a way with making learning fun! Love this post :)

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  2. Thanks for your comments and for visiting from the Alexa Hop. I am on my way to your site to visit you now. :)



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