Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Animal Unit Study Field Trips

A great way to wrap up a study of animals (vertebrates and/or invertebrates) is to go on a field trip.

Here are some suggestions.

The Zoo

The Aquarium

The Beach

A Pet Store

Your Neighborhood

A Virtual Field Trip (online)
   Click on the links below.

Zoo Books - Virtual Zoo

The Virtual Petting Zoo 

Hope you have enjoyed this summer's theme of animals!
Thanks for stopping by!

See you later Alligator!!!!
Marcia :)

(Tomorrow will be a new theme.)


  1. I love all of those places for field trips

  2. Hi! I'm a new follower (and new blogger). Just found you from Tough Cookie Mommy's Monday Blog Hop. I love your site! My kiddo is in 2nd grade, and big into all creatures. I'm always looking for interactive learning ideas which is why I checked you out =). Please visit my site too. I'm following you FB and GFC. Have a great week.



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