Monday, May 21, 2012

Sea Sums - Science and Math Book for Kids

Sea Sums by Joy N. Hulme is an introduction to an ocean coral reef.

The book could be used as a supplement to a science unit on ocean animals or as a supplement to a math unit on counting and basic addition and subtraction.

The book introduces lots of common and uncommon ocean animals to the reader in a rhyming text. Readers will be introduced to a giant clamshell, crabs, spiny urchins, sponges, lionfish, etc.

The age level is Kindergarten to Grade 2 (ages 5-8).

If you read this book with the kids and would like to follow-up with a craft activity, here are some suggestions from previous posts. Just click on the links below.

Sea Urchin Craft Activity:

How to Draw Crustaceans (crabs):

Have fun learning about ocean animals!

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  1. This book looks fantastic. I have to put this one on my list.


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