Friday, May 4, 2012

Bug Dance - Fun Math Book for Ages 3 Up

Bug Dance, a Math Book for kids ages 3 up, by Stuart J. Murphy is adorable! Kids will enjoy the Bug Theme while they learn about DIRECTION (right, left, backward, forward).

I especially like how the book incorporates music and movement. The kids will learn a fun Bug Dance.

In this comical story, the characters are attending gym class.  Coach Caterpillar announces that they will be learning a dance. Poor Centipede starts to panic! He has so many feet! He worries about how he can learn to dance and not trip over all his feet but he decides to try.

The book ends with 2 very helpful pages of fun suggestions and activities for kids to extend the learning about direction.

The illustrations by Christopher Santoro are adorable. The book has already sold over a million copies!

What a great way to learn early geometry concepts!

Have fun singing and dancing with math!

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  1. It looks very nice book.It has lot of pictures which children like very much.The children have fear that maths is very difficult subject but this fear just resides in their mind.There is only need to teach them in a good manner and they will understand it.Maths requires practice.Practice is the only key of perfection in Mathematics.



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