Saturday, April 30, 2011

Fun with Air - Windsock Craft

Mini Windsock Craft

Here is an arts and craft project that I just recently found in the April 2011 Issue of Family Fun magazine. I think its a good fit for this unit on MATTER. My version is a little bigger and I am using string instead of embroidery floss and a hard plastic straw instead of a chopstick.

Children can have fun with AIR (a gas) by flying their mini windsocks indoors or outdoors!

  • card stock
  • tissue paper
  • hard plastic straw (or chopstick)
  • scissors
  • glue
  • string, yarn (or embroidery floss)
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • crayons, paint (optional)


  • Measure and cut a 6 inch by 3 inch piece of card stock
  • Measure and cut a 6 inch by 1/2 inch piece of card stock.
  • The students may want to decorate the card stock with crayons, paint, etc.
  • Measure and cut a 6 inch by 6 inch piece of tissue paper.
  • Glue one edge of the tissue paper onto the large piece of card stock overlapping about 1/2 inch. This will be the inside of the windsock.
  • Cut the tissue paper into strips from the bottom up to the card stock.
  • Roll the card stock to form a tube and glue.
  • Attach the ends of the smaller piece of card stock to the non tissue paper end of the tube with glue to form a handle.
  • Thread the string under the handle and tie the string to the plastic straw or chopstick.
  • Have fun flying the mini windsock through the air (a gas) and wind (moving air).

Note: I found the hard plastic straws at Dollar Tree (12 straws for $1.00). They are called "Party Straws".

If you don't have card stock, I think a toilet paper roll covered with construction paper or wrapping paper might work even better.

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  2. Oh my! This is fabulous! Love the idea!

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  3. That's such a cute idea!! bet it was fun to make too!

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  7. Very cute idea!!! I just may have to do this one soon!!

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  11. Very nice- I love making Windsocks and great science tie in! Thanks for sharing it at The Sunday Showcase.
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