Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Physical Changes: Solids and Liquids

Physical Change: when matter changes from one state (form) to another


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Activity 1 - Solids to Liquids (adding heat)

  • Give each child an ice cube (solid) in a cup. 
  • Have children observe the cup.
  • Ask the following questions.  What is in the cup? (ice cube) What state of matter is the ice cube? (solid) What will happen to the ice cube in the next 5 minutes or longer? (It will start to melt.) What causes it to melt? (adding heat - the room temperature is warmer than the temperature of the ice)

  • Children can predict how long it will take for the ice to melt.
  • They can also brainstorm ideas about how to make the ice melt faster.
  • Have children tell about a time in their lives that something melted (perhaps an ice cream cone on a hot day, etc.)

Review that ice is a solid but when you add heat it melts and becomes a liquid.


Activity 2 -  Liquids to Solids (taking away heat)

  • Hold up a pitcher/container of water. Ask the children the following questions. What is in the container? (water) What state of matter is the water? (liquid)  How would we change the liquid water to a solid? (take away heat - freeze the water)
  • Have children fill ice cube trays with water and place in the freezer.


Activity 3 - Liquids to Solids (taking away heat)

  • Have children make their own freeze pops with juice, a banana slice, a paper cup, and a popsicle stick.
  1. Place a slice of banana in the bottom of a small paper cup.
  2. Place a popsicle stick in the banana slice.
  3. Pour juice into the cup.
  4. Place the cup in the freezer.

Review that water or juice are liquids but when you take away heat from a liquid (freeze it) it becomes a solid.

With older children talk about the boiling point and freezing point of water.


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