Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Guest Post: A Matter of Air by Ashlee from

Help your children understand more about air! Books are a great way to introduce new ideas to children. 

I Face the Wind does a great job of explaining and illustrating the concept of air.  This book is recommended for pre-k through second grade.  The book also offers experiments you can try out at home. Reading this book to your children would be a great way to help introduce the idea of air.

Kite Flying is recommend for pre-k through third grade.  This story is about a family who make a kite to fly on a windy day.  This book would be great to read before making a kite with your little ones!  After reading Kite Flying watch the video below.  You could compare and contrast the way kites are made.

This video is a great tutorial for making a basic barn door kite.  The video comes from
I just recently discovered ActivityTV and was pleasantly surprised by the amount of activities and ideas on the site.  

Nothing is better than having students actually experiment with concepts themselves. Allow students to take kites, pinwheels, and balloons outside to experiment with the air. 

I also found a tissue paper kite craft kit from Oriental Trading that would be a great activity for kids to further discuss kites, air, and wind.  The kit comes with enough supplies to make 12 kites. 

To further a kite theme why not make a kite bulletin board? This bulletin board is from and features students' poems. This would be a great way to cross the curriculum from science to literature.

Maybe you have older students who need a bit more of a challenge. This teacher from incorporated kites into her math lesson by having her students make fraction kites.

It has been pretty windy lately in the Dallas area. I've seen a few kids with kites enjoying the wind. I may just have to make one myself and head outside!  Hope you feel equipped with some good ideas to teach your little ones about air.

I mean this in the nicest way possible... Go fly a kite! :)

Thanks for reading!

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