Monday, February 28, 2011

Musical Instruments Survey and Frequency Chart

Science and Mathematics
  • In this activity, children can conduct a survey to find out their family and/or friends' favorite musical instruments then record the data on a frequency chart.
  • Older students can follow up the activity by making a graph to display their data.


  • clipboard or notebook
  • pencil
  • ruler
  • crayons or markers

    • Have students poll their family and friends as to their favorite musical instruments. They should mark a tally for each vote, then record this data (information) on a frequency chart.
    • Older children could use the data from the frequency chart to create a bar or other graph to display their results.The graph should include:
                         ~ title
                        ~ columns (equal to the number of instruments)
                        ~ 2 labeled axis
                         ~a numerical scale starting at zero

    • Finally students should explain their data (oral or written). Which instrument had the most votes? Which instrument had the fewest votes? Etc.
    • More advanced math students can also find the mean, medium, mode, maximum, minimum, and range for the data.


    1. Thanks alot, this was really helpful for my child as she is struggling to make a frequency chart and to fill it in but this was probably the best website i found! This was just a tiny bit better than Bitesize!

    2. Thanks for your comments. I'm so glad that this post helped your daughter. I plan on doing a lot more math posts in the future. There's so many math terms that students need to know nowadays at younger ages than when we went to school.
      Best regards,
      Marcia :)

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