Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Light Energy Introduction

LIGHT is a form of Energy.

LIGHT SOURCES are objects that make their own light

  • Ask children to brainstorm a list of Light Sources. (Sun, stars, light bulbs, car headlights, flashlights, fireflies, etc.)
  • Ask if they know of any light sources that we can not see (X rays, radio waves, microwaves) 

Can you see a light beam?

Materials needed
  • flashlight
  • spray bottle filled with water
  • notebook
  • pencil

  1. Darken a room.
  2. Turn on the flashlight and aim it across the darkened room. Have the children observe.
  3. Ask students if they can see a light beam.
  4. Have students predict what will happen if they spray some water in front of the flashlight?
  5. Turn on the flashlight again and spray the water in the flashlight's path of light. Have the children observe.
  6. Ask the children to explain what they see. (They should see a beam of light.)
  7. Explain that the water reflects the light and that is why they can now see the beam of light.
  8. Have students draw pictures of what they saw before and after the water was sprayed in front of the lit flashlight.

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