Friday, February 11, 2011

ROY G BIV Video, Song, Book, and Craft (Rainbows)

Science and Music

White Light is really made up from a group of colors called the SPECTRUM.
The colors of the spectrum are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.
An easy way to remember this is to remember the ACRONYM, "ROY G BIV". Each letter stands for one of the colors in the spectrum.

Here is a cute little song and video about the color spectrum and ROY G BIV. (It's a hit with the kids!)

Click Here: ROY G BIV Video and Song

Arts and Crafts Follow-Up

Have the kids draw and color their own rainbow using the 7 colors of the spectrum. Drawing paper or white paper plates (cut in half) with some crayons, paints, or markers should be enough to get the kids started.
(For younger kids, the teacher may have to draw the rainbow, then help the kids choose the correct colors.)

clipart by

Instead of using crayons, I've seen some students use paint, colored cheerios, or small squares of colored tissue paper glued on the paper plates. :)

Children might even surprise you when you give them some sidewalk chalk. They may draw you a picture like the following when at the park or at outdoor recess.

Katie at Sergeant Major Mom's Blog made an AWESOME Layered Rainbow Cake. Here is a link to her post.
Click Here: Katie's Layered Rainbow Cake

Language Arts

A book for children on this topic is The Magic School Bus Makes a Rainbow, A Book about Color(Have you met Ms. Frizzle?)

MATH Extension Activity

To add a math activity to this theme, students could tally and graph their favorite color!

Have fun learning about rainbows!


  1. Thank you for sharing your post on my rainbow linky! I really appreciate it and am now going to have to go and check out Roy G. BIV!

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