Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Use a Venn Diagram to Compare Animals

I think Graphic Organizers are great for kids! An easy one to use is the Venn Diagram where you get to compare and contrast 2 or more things.

A simple Venn Diagram has only 2 circles that overlap. In the center, where the circles overlap, is where you list how the 2 things are alike and the outer circles are for listing how the 2 things are different.

Let the kids compare 2 or more animals using Venn Diagrams.
For example, they could compare and contrast a dog and a frog.

They are alike in that they both have a backbone and they both have 4 legs.

They are different because the dog is a mammal and warm-blooded, whereas the frog is an amphibian and cold-blooded.

Older students can compare 3 or more animals in each Venn Diagram (just add more circles). They can also use the facts in their graphic organizer(s) to write an essay about their animals.

You can visit Learning Workroom's website for a FREE Venn Diagram Worksheet that you can download and print.

Click on "Free Worksheets

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