Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Favorite Animal Survey

To combine science and math children can conduct surveys.

A clipboard and pencil always makes them feel "official" but if you don't have a clipboard, they can use their science notebooks.

  • First have children make a list of 5-10 mammals. (Older kids can put this list into a table.)
  • Then they need to survey their family, friends, classmates, etc. to see which mammals are their favorites.
  • They should tally the votes (data).

  • Next they could make a frequency chart. (The teacher could make a classroom chart with younger students.)

  • Next they could create a bar graph to display their results (data).

  • On another day they could repeat the exercise with a different animal class ... reptiles, or birds, or fish, etc.

  • Another survey that the students could conduct about animals is finding out how many pets people (friends, classmates, relatives) have.  Then they could put this data/information into a table format.

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