Saturday, November 20, 2010

Animal Riddles and Game

This activity is both Science and Language Arts.


paper, science notebook, or index cards
stuffed animals
bag or box


"WHO AM I?" RIDDLES are fun for kids to make up and help teach animal classification.

  • Children should list 3 or more characteristics of a particular animal. (I like for students to use complete sentences.) 
  • Then under their descriptive clues, they should write, "Who am I?"
  • On the back, they write their answer and/or sketch a picture.

  • I am a warm-blooded animal. 
  • I have a backbone.
  • I am the only mammal that can fly.
  • Who am I?
Answer: A Bat

clipart by


Another variation is to make this a SCIENCE GAME using their stuffed animals.

clipart by

  • Children can put one of their stuffed animals in a bag or box.
  • Then they hold up the bag/box and give the clues to the other players.
  • Another child guesses. Students take turns giving clues and answers.

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  1. Sometimes, students need to take a timeout from studying, and here's a good way to do so without affecting the lessons during class hours. This should help condition and prepare their minds for the difficult lessons. Teachers should include this in their lessons at least once a week so that their students would feel more relaxed, and to keep them motivated to learn more because of this fun activity.



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