Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Magnetic Energy Fun for Kids

Do you need some fun resources to teach about Magnetic Energy to kids?

This is a fun science topic that kids usually like a lot!!!

Here's a collection of activities, experiments, ideas, puzzles, resources,  videos, and other links to help you teach about MAGNETISM.

Just click on any or all of the links below the picture that sound interesting to you! :)
Magnetic Energy Resources for Teachers and Parents

Magnetism Introduction

Magnetic Poles

How strong is your magnet?

Conduct a Test with Magnets

Magnets and Matter

Magnetism Word Search and Bill Nye Video on Magnetism

Making a Simple Compass

Creating an Electromagnet

Magnetism Word Search Puzzle (free)

Science Experiment Form (free)

LOTS more ideas on my Magnetic Energy Pinterest Board :)

Have fun with magnets!

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