Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Have Fun on Pi Day - March 14

Pi Day (March 14 - 3/14) is a fun day devoted to the celebration of the circle and its circumference divided by its diameter!

It is a day to have lots of math fun. With very young children it's a day to concentrate on circles (drawing, coloring, comparing, measuring, etc.).

You could make fun shape people with the kids on PI DAY! Start with the circle! Click on the picture below to get directions for this shape person made with construction paper.
Circle Shape Person

With older children, have fun with measuring the circumference of all different sizes of circles or cylinders (use string or yarn) and then measuring the diameter of these same circles. For each circle divide its circumference by its diameter and you should get a number very close to Pi (3.14). For children not able to divide yet, use calculators!

Follow up with a fun pie treat if possible!

Want more ideas?
Just click on the link below for more fun Pi Day activities!

Have fun on Pi Day!


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