Monday, January 24, 2011

Creating an Electromagnet

An electromagnet is a magnet that can be turned on and off. It is made with current electricity.

Reminder: Adult supervision is needed for this activity as well as all activities on this website.

Materials needed
  • safety glasses and safety gloves
  • battery
  • battery holder
  • insulated wire (approx. 16 - 24 inches in length) with stripped ends or insulated wire with alligator clips
  • large iron nail       

D cell battery electromagnet

  1. Wind an insulated wire around a nail.
  2. Connect both ends of the wire to the battery (one end on each terminal).
  3. The nail becomes magnetic.
  4. Predict the number of paper clips that the electromagnet can pick up.
  5. Try to pick up paper clips with your new magnet. (The ends of the magnet are its strongest parts.)
  6. Disconnect the wire from the battery when you are done. (It may get very HOT!)

Science, Social Studies, and English Language Arts
  • As a follow-up students could research a famous scientist that studied and experimented with electricity and/or magnetism.
  • They could also write an essay explaining how life would be different for us today without the discoveries and inventions of these scientists. (Michael Faraday, Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, etc.)

Here is an electromagnet kit available from Amazon.

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