Wednesday, February 19, 2014

15 Fun Resources for Teaching about Sound Energy

Do you need some fun resources to teach about Sound Energy to kids?

This is a fun science topic that kids usually like a lot!!! They have to make NOISE! I mean they have to make lots of "SOUNDS" to really investigate and explore this topic!

Here's a collection of activities, experiments, ideas, puzzles, resources,  videos, and other links to help you.

Just click on any or all of the links below the picture that sound interesting to you! :)

Sound Energy Word Search Puzzle

What Causes Sound???

Sound Energy Book and Video

Sound Activity: Can you identify the sound?

Bill Nye Video

Sound Activity: Does sound travel through solids?

Make a Wind Instrument

Make String Instruments

Make a Guitar

Make a Percussion Instrument

Intensity and Pitch

Slinky Demonstration: How does sound travel?

Sound and Light Energy Venn Diagram

Sound Energy Crossword Puzzle

LOTS more ideas on my Sound Energy Pinterest Board  :)

Have fun with sound!


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