Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Using Arrays to Understand Multiplication

An ARRAY is a pictorial way  (using rows and columns) to represent math facts. Arrays can make understanding the concept of multiplication easier especially for visual learners.

You can use pictures, symbols, or manipulatives to illustrate number facts using arrays. Using manipulatives will help tactile learners.

Here are some examples of fun inexpensive manipulatives to use to make arrays.

Gummi Bears!

5 times 2 (5 x 2) is shown as 5 Rows of 2 

Gummi Bears Array (5x2) - 5 Rows of 2

You can use LOTS of different inexpensive manipulatives to demonstrate multiplication facts using arrays.

(5x2) 5 rows of 2 - M & M Array

(5x2) 5 rows of 2 - Smarties Candy Array

 (5x2) 5 rows of 2 - Butterfly Punched Shapes Array

If you have a punch, the kids can make paper shapes to use in their arrays.

3x2 - 3 Rows of 2 - made with dinosaur shapes

Dinosaur Punch

Here are a few more examples.

5x3 - with eraser dice - purchased at Dollar Tree

5x3 with gummi bears

5x3 with M & M's candy

Students might also like to draw and label their own arrays with crayons, markers, etc. after they have used the manipulatives.

3x3 - 3 rows of 3 = 9

Have fun with ARRAYS in math!

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  1. Great post! Thank you for posting practical pictures beyond the typical counters utilized at the elementary level. I look forward to your next post.



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