Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Real World Arrays and Math

Math Arrays show multiplication using symbols, pictures, or objects/manipulatives lined up in rows and columns.

Yesterday's post was on using manipulatives with arrays in math to help children understand the CONCEPT of multiplication. Read the post here.

Children are curious! They will want to find arrays in real life. Here are a few examples of Real World Arrays.

Eggs  - 2 rows of  3  (2x3)

Bottled Water - 4 Rows of 6 (4x6)

Tic Tac Toe Board  -  3 Rows of  3  (3x3)
Pens  -  1 row of 8  (1x8)
Easter Eggs  -  3 rows of 2  (3x2)

After showing some real world arrays to the students, you may want to challenge them to find more examples in real life. Perhaps make it a game and see which student or team can find and identify the most real-life ARRAYS!
Students can list, sketch, tally, or take pictures of ARRAYS and identify the multiplication fact for each.

Have fun with math!

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