Saturday, March 31, 2012

Odd and Even Posters and Student Printables


Odd Numbers Chart

Even Numbers Chart

Children need to learn about ODD and EVEN Numbers
I have 2 printable worksheets where the kids have to identify the Odd and Even numbers. Then using a  highlighter, crayon, etc. they shade in the correct numbers. (Kids LOVE using highlighters!!!)

Odd Numbers Worksheet

Even Numbers Worksheet

I also have 2 Answer Sheets which can be used as Odd and Even Number Charts/Posters. (See the 2 pictures at the top of this post.).
You can find all the Free Printables at my website just click on the link below then go to Free Worksheets.

You can ALSO get all 4 printables free in a zipped folder at my TpT store. Click on the link below.

Have fun with math!


  1. I like the poster you made because it will help a lot for the children or a students who want to learn more about this numbers.



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