Saturday, March 10, 2012

Printable Multiplication Tables for Kids

Children need lots of practice with Multiplication Number Facts to develop fluency. Here are 2 Multiplication Tables for students to fill in. They might also enjoy coloring in the pictures.

The first table has x0 - x9. The second table has x1 - x12. Both pages emphasize the important math vocabulary terms: factors and product.

Repeated exposure to basic number facts helps students' brains develop a "memory relationship" with the number facts. 

Working with number tables helps children develop Fluency with basic number facts and observe Patterns in numbers.

You can save or download these worksheets from my Free Worksheets page on my website.
Just click on the link below then choose Free Worksheets!


Here's a little math riddle for kids.
"What table has no legs?"

(Answer: the multiplication table) 

Have fun with math!


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