Thursday, March 1, 2012

Numbers and Operations Introduction and Word Search Puzzle

 Numbers, Numbers, Numbers!!!!!!

 And Operations!!!

This month's topic will be Numbers and Operations.

There's a HUGE wealth of vocabulary and concepts that students in PreK through Grade 12 need to learn.

Students need to understand numbers, number representations, number relationships, operations and their relationships, computation, and estimation. WOW!

Using a Graphic Organizer to see what students already know could be one way to begin this topic.

Another idea is to use a Word Search Puzzle to introduce some of the math vocabulary pertaining to Numbers and Operations that students will need. ( I have one for Elementary and Middle School.)

You can find Free Graphic Organizers and a Number Sense and Operations Word Search Puzzle on my website. Just click on the link below, then go to Free Worksheets.

Have a great month!

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