Sunday, February 5, 2012

Using Word Walls with Kids in Math

I LOVE WORD WALLS (for all subjects)!

Math Measurement Vocabulary

Word walls can be created by teachers, parents, or students with just a few pieces of cardstock and a marker. I buy lots of blank cards at the dollar store. They come in different colors and designs.

Science Word Wall Cards - Animal Classification

If I want to add a picture or illustration to my cards, I usually create the cards on the computer in a word document and use clip art or simple illustrations that I create on the computer such as shapes (for geometry).

Geometry Vocabulary

When I make word walls I choose the vocabulary words that children need to know to understand a particular topic or concept. The wall provides a visual reference for the students.

If you have limited space, you only need to display a few words at a time on a wall, pocket chart, white board, refrigerator, etc.

Children need to interact with the words multiple times and in multiple ways. Have the kids play games with the words (Hangman, Concentration {need 2 sets}, Bingo, etc.).  Pronounce the words together with the kids, have the kids clap out the syllables, alphabetize the words, illustrate the words, define the words, and/or act out the words. Choose a Word of the Day! Play "I'm Thinking of a Word" and give clues.

Have FUN with Word Walls and watch your kids' Vocabulary SOAR!

I have some Word Wall Cards for math and science at my new TPT store, if you are interested in viewing them click on the link below.

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