Monday, February 20, 2012

Online Measurement Games with Rulers

Using RULERS, YARDSTICKS, and METER STICKS to measure with can be a lot of fun for kids.  

Kids LOVE hands-on tools!

Rulers come in different sizes.....6 inches, 12 inches, and even 18 inches plus different colors!

Dollar Tree is a good source for inexpensive rulers and Home Depot is a good source for inexpensive yardsticks (in the paint department). I bought a yardstick for under a dollar! Some stores such as Home Goods have free colorful paper yardsticks for their customers (to use when shopping). But, then the paper yardsticks can be used later in the home or classroom.

For young children, I like the rulers with large numbers that only have inches on them or perhaps the half inch also marked off. As students get older the quarter inch, eighth inch, etc, can also be marked on their ruler.

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Kids need LOTS of practice measuring with rulers.
Here's some free online measurement games that the kids can play.

The first game uses a ruler and measures both centimeters and inches. The kids can choose the easy, medium or hard problems.

Click on the links below to play the games.

~ FunBrain Measurement Game

~ PBS Time to Move Game

~ The Ruler Game  (more advanced)

After playing the online games kids could practice using the real rulers (or yardsticks and meter sticks) and have fun MEASURING!

 Enjoy Math!

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